Supply of Land Registry, Aerial Photography and Historical Ordnance Survey map information

Land Registry Information

Properties in England and Wales are registered on the Land Registry website. Whilst the Land Registry title plan is useful, the documents that are more pertinent are the deeds, sometimes referred to as conveyances, transfers and abstract of titles.  These documents may have dimensions listed within and/or may show “T” marks which indicate responsibility to maintain a boundary feature.

We can carry out a search for your property and the property you are in dispute with to see if there are any of these documents.  If your property or the neighbouring one does not have any pre-registration deeds then we can extend our search to include other properties.  On occasion, this information has assisted in concluding the boundary dispute.  We will send you a list of documents available under each title number.

Should you wish to order any of the documents then they are charged at the Land Registry rate of £3 per document plus our administration fee of £25.

Aerial photographs

We can carry out a search using various companies to ascertain if there are any vertical photography covering your property and the immediate surrounds.   We will then send you a list of the dates available, the cost of each photograph and the delivery timescale.

The cost of photographs ranges from £10 up to £180 depending on which company supplies the information and the delivery timescale chosen.  Whilst we do not charge for carrying out a search, there may be a fee incurred by the supplier and we would need to charge this to you.  Typically the fee for a priority date request is £55 + vat.  Once you have chosen the photographs you wish us to order then we will confirm the total cost including our administration fee which is based on : 1-5 photographs £50, 6-10 photographs £70 and 11+ photographs £90.  The fee applies for the batch of photos ordered.  If you order one photo then the fee of £50 applies.  Should you subsequently order a further photo then there is another £50 to pay and so on.

Historical Ordnance Survey maps

We can search for historical Ordnance Survey maps and provide you with a list of dates and map scales covering your property.  We can then obtain the maps for you when you have decided which dates you require.  The maps are usually priced at £10 or £15 plus our administration fee of £25.


  1. We cannot view any of the information above without purchasing and therefore we cannot guarantee that the information we obtain will be useful. No refunds will be given.
  2. Payment must be made in full prior to the information being ordered and supplied.
  3. All fees subject to VAT at the current rate at time of invoicing.

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